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Combo Bulb + Brass Mini-SPOT MR11 12V Landscape Light Fixture
Combo Bulb + Brass Mini-SPOT MR11 12V Landscape Light Fixture
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01.LED 3W (Eq to 25W Halogen) G4 12V AC/DC Lamp
02.LED 5W (Eq to 50W) MR16 GU5.3 12V AC/DC Lamp Bulb
03.LED S8 E12 110VAC Omni Bulb Clear Cover
04.LED 9W (Eq. to 50W) PAR36 12V AV/DC Flood Lamp LED
05.Brass MR16 12V SPOT Light Landscape Fixture with wire and spike
06.LED 2.5W (20W Equivalent) MR11 GU4.0 12V AC/DC Lamp Bulb
07.LED 5W (Eq to 50W) 400LM Dimmable MR16 High Power Lamp
08.LED 1.5W 12V MR8 GU4.0 Accent Lamp Bulb
09.LED G4 (Eq. to 40W Halogen) Waterproof Dimmable 12V AC / DC
10.Brass G4 12V PATH Light Landscape Fixture with wire and spike
11.LED 1.3W (Eq to 10W Halogen) 12V AC/DC G4 Lamp
12.12V 12W Dimmable CV DC LED Driver ETL (UL) approved
Energy Audit  
Recent wins!
Eversale LLC was recently awarded the Emerald Island Resort - Low Energy Project - Which replaces all the landscaping, security and main building Lighting to LED based products.
This award demonstrates Eversale's ability to provide a great value proposition to its customers, not only saving Money and Energy per month, but in providing great products and service.
Eversale's products will cut Emerald Island Electricity bill by nearly $1500 per month, with 77% reduction in electricity, and payback in 12 months!

Save Energy
We need to be better stewards of our planet’s finite energy resources. We consumers can do our part, as our governments are starting to leverage other forms of power generation (Solar & Wind) we too can do our part, by switching to low-power LED lighting.
LED lighting does not have the harmful mercury contaminants that CFL fluorescent does, and requires far less energy than today’s conventional lighting options. Research shows that LED lighting generates the same perceived light as conventional sources whilst using 50-90% less energy.
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Save Money
The U.S. Department of Energy reports (* 2008 Partner Resource Guide) that LED lighting products last at least 35 times longer than incandescent lighting, and at least 3.5 times longer than typical CFL fluorescent lighting. This has a dramatic effect to monthly operational costs, saving 50-90% less energy per month.
Additionally, LED lights generate far less heat than traditional lighting products. This reduction in ambient heat also reduces A/C running costs, further adding to the cost savings.
Save the Earth
We have all heard of the harmful chemicals in CFL and Incandescent products, including Phosphorous, Arsenic, Ultraviolet Radiation, Mercury, Lead, & Carbon Dioxide, which are detrimental to our environment. These environmental hazards are present throughout the lifespan of the bulb - from the day of manufacture until the day of disposal.
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Contact us for a FREE, No Obligation, Site Survey. We will take an inventory of your existing Light-fixtures, power usage, carbon footprint, and cost.

Our proposal will detail savings and benefits to the environment, energy & cost savings, and a break-even time-frame analysis.

Most Businesses, Hotels, & Schools save between $1,500 and $10,000 PER MONTH, and break-even in less than 6-10 months.

Site Audit
So what is involved in a site audit?

We prepare a free, no obligation, carbon footprint site audit of your businesses, and will work to your schedule.

We will perform the audit over several days / weeks as necessary to accommodate everyone's schedule.
Most buildings only take 1-2 hours depending on the access to the existing lighting fixtures, and whether any of you existing staff have any knowledge of existing light types and wattages.
To make things smoother, but not necessary, if you have a site maintenance engineer, or facilities director, who is familiar with your existing lighting usage, that would be a bonus to discuss your current environment, or even have him/her with us for all or a portion of the day as we go from room to room, building to building.

The output from us will be a comprehensive summary of your existing environment and carbon footprint, and what you can do to reduce your footprint, and energy cost.

We will provide suggestions on alternatives, their cost, and break-even analysis should you wish to deploy.
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12V DC 60W Dimmable DALI LED Driver ETL (UL) approved
12V DC 60W Dimmable DALI LED Driver ETL (UL) approved
 $24.99 $20.00