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Brass Wall Mount
Brass Wall Mount
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01.LED 3W (Eq to 25W Halogen) G4 12V AC/DC Lamp
02.LED 5W (Eq to 50W) MR16 GU5.3 12V AC/DC Lamp Bulb
03.LED S8 E12 110VAC Omni Bulb Clear Cover
04.LED 9W (Eq. to 50W) PAR36 12V AV/DC Flood Lamp LED
05.Brass MR16 12V SPOT Light Landscape Fixture with wire and spike
06.LED 2.5W (20W Equivalent) MR11 GU4.0 12V AC/DC Lamp Bulb
07.LED 5W (Eq to 50W) 400LM Dimmable MR16 High Power Lamp
08.LED 1.5W 12V MR8 GU4.0 Accent Lamp Bulb
09.LED G4 (Eq. to 40W Halogen) Waterproof Dimmable 12V AC / DC
10.Brass G4 12V PATH Light Landscape Fixture with wire and spike
11.LED 1.3W (Eq to 10W Halogen) 12V AC/DC G4 Lamp
12.12V 12W Dimmable CV DC LED Driver ETL (UL) approved
path decision
tape measure
So, which way to go ? and how do you measure success ?
  • Need a qualified sounding board for your new ideas?
  • Struggling to break-out in a new market? Need a breakthrough strategy?
  • Need to lower your COGS?
  • Need a credible design partner? Or struggling with nimbleness?
  • You’re an Analyst and need industry advice or specific OEM knowledge?
Eversale has provided consultancy for over 2 decades, and provides a wealth of knowledge from Management and Leadership in the electronics product development industry.

A consultation can help you leapfrog insights; recognition of under-appreciated risks, and drives decision-makers to higher levels of understanding.

Eversales collaboration options include telephone consultations, written reports, to onsite contracting. Consultancy as research or advice can be as little as a 30 minute consultation to daily / weekly / monthly events.

Each Eversale solution is customized to client’s decision-making contexts, project timeframes and organizational preferences. Eversale helps clients understand the combination and sequence of solutions that are most appropriate for their needs.

We take seriously your confidentiality and will gladly protect mutual sharing of information with an appropriate NDA.
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Consultancy Areas
  • Procurement – need help to find new sources
  • Cost Reduction – need your COGS reducing
  • Strategy Development
  • Product roadmapping, technology insight
  • Offshoring - inc hiring, pay scales
  • Project Planning
  • Technical due-diligence for M&A
Industry Specific:
  • EMS Industry, Competitive landscape
  • Server / Storage architecture
  • SAN / NAS architecture
  • x86, inc low-power, POS, embedded
  • LED lighting

Use Eversale throughout your process from better triage of new opportunities, to faster assessment of "step-out" acquisitions, to more objective diligence of specific acquisition targets. We can help assess as a Electronic product development executive subject-matter expert, determine whether your target has what they claim.

Strategy & Product Marketing

Subject-matter experts in Electronic Product design can comment on the technological, economic, regulatory, and behavioral trends in the most obscure parts of the value chain and the most obscure regions in the world.

COGS cost reductions

So you know you have a high COGS or your competition is lower… We have many years experience of REAL value engineering; with most projects 10-50% cost reduction. Analysis provides a report in 3 parts, a) part replacement, fit/form/function compatible, AVL expansion, b) new part, requires new PCB layout, but functionally & software compatible, c) maximum return, but requires physical and software development.


How do you find reputable suppliers? How do you effectively negotiate with an incumbent who has you ‘over-the-barrel’? We have over two decades experience in sourcing hard to find parts and using low-cost suppliers to effectively negotiate down your high-cost vendors as leverage.

OEM & Industry knowledge

Great knowledge of the design practice and competitive advantage within Server & Storage Industry & OEMs, and the EMS industry, including competitive advantages of the various players.

Customers include :

BCG, McKinsey, BAIN, UBS, and many OEMS

Consultancy subjects include:

LED market, SAN / NAS future technology direction, Intel vs. AMD positioning, Medical market design, Component roadmap, Technology roadmap, Power supplies / Efficiencies, EMS industry competition, Value proposition Foxconn / Jabil / Celestica / Sanmina / Flex, Software development AGILE / SCRUM, Product BOM cost Reductions, Architecture reviews, Engineering Design management, China / India & Low-cost Design

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To book an initial consultation, please contact us.
You may also book a Consultation via GLG.
See Public profile at LinkedIN.
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12V DC 60W Dimmable DALI LED Driver ETL (UL) approved
12V DC 60W Dimmable DALI LED Driver ETL (UL) approved
 $24.99 $20.00